O Delmore

by darkturn

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Dmitry Samarov
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Dmitry Samarov Reminds me of Slovenly, which, if you know my tastes is pretty high praise. Also: a couple of these guys (and the guy who did the cover artwork) work at my new favorite neighborhood coffeeshop and it's cool to hear what they're up to when they're not there.
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This record was tracked at CarterCo & Jaime's Apt.
Obligatory nod to Benton House as always.
This Recording is Mostly for Gilbert Salazar (The King of Rock & Roll)


released June 1, 2015

Drums - Tylec (tyfighter) Cummings
Bass - Edward (Banjo Wolf) Vlcek
Guitar/Vox - Alex (Fishstick) Colston

Recorded/Mixed - Alex Colston & Jaime Gartelos
Mastered - Collin Jordan @ Boiler Room
Album Art - Alex "Shotzy" Matzy



all rights reserved


darkturn Chicago, Illinois

You know some girls are bright as the morning. And some are blessed with a dark turn of mind.

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Track Name: Stranger, You Are
Let's say you're a river
passing by me never slowly
even a monster must stop to speak.

Just know that my affections
read like a postcard: a day late with old news.

On a sunny street, i'll still ask
if i want to be alive anymore
Cause its hard to feel young,
its difficult to keep time,
but its more difficult to die.

Stranger you are the movement of your hands.
It's not your life's problems that interest me.
nor the long stories you'd tell about your family.
I'd like to see you grow old but it's a gesture I can't mean.
Just watch as the silent film you make bring the child out in me.

To be young in body and old in memory
is to be old at heart.

To be old in body and young in memory
is to be young at heart.

To be old in body and old in memory
is to be wise as the dead.
Track Name: Through False Geometry
The old wise men
they go
they say
seasons affect me none.

Is there another form?

where the wise men
they won't
show themselves
straight to black they would go.

They all ramble on
saying "where am I?"

Their eyes are leveled at the sky
all mumbling three words
"where am I?"

Through false geometry
across the sea
I belong

I've had a hard hard time
being a man

Through false geometry
across the sea
I belong
Track Name: The Howl It Grows
I care more
for the wisdom of my friends
more than the books we've all read.

They cry "so!"
lust for life don't make things grow

Just listen to the wind..
the howl..
it grows..

Listen to the midnight sky
that it reads different every night

Don't tell me how to turn
the curse of this world around.
Where you can't be
just any one thing.

Silence in the spring
is when you hold all the cards
quarreling in my dream
is when you keep from saying exactly
what you mean.

Quiet road I steer you so
as the sameness of life unfolds
oh how the clouds they roll
Track Name: Sing Goddamn
Have you discovered it?
that dull, heavy blow.
once you lost the straight and narrow.

did you heart sink
with that death knell bell?
all paths now a grey carousel.

it won't soon be over.
cackle darkly, life goes on.

On we go.
Expecting some great change
to come and take us away.

Sing Goddamn
Sing Goddamn
Sing Goddamn
Track Name: Delmore Schwartz
A boy readies himself.
for a girl who will say
it was a wonderful nothing.

I hear she was a dancer,
who left him all alone,
in an orphaned world.

He let ole mother earth go
with his light left on.

Now he sees the american lands,
watched them grow fallow,
of the children, what do they think?

Do they need?
I believe they are a doomed seed.

So what do we do now?
now that they've gone.
the houses have all gone

and the dancers too.
Track Name: Harvest Moon A Blinking Light
Outside there is a harvest moon.
Inside there's a blinking light.
It's drawing me inward.
Oh let it stay on.

I've fallen in for tonight.
The moon has drunk me in.

It's been a long time
since I have seen
the hills roll away from me.
Maybe I should go back to the coast
and unlive all of my unholy ghosts.

Not today, not tonight, not by the dawn's wanderlust light.

For the moon has drunk me in.
Outside there is a harvest moon.